Major studbook update
Postdate: 7/16/2015  | Subdivision: General

The studbook has been updated with all the data available on July 15th.

Male calf born at Denver Zoo
Postdate: 3/21/2014  | Subdivision: Reproduction

Denver Zoo has announced the birth of a rare Okapi! The male calf, named Jabari (Jah-bar-ee), was born to mother, Kalispell (Kal-lis-pell), and father, Sekele (seh-Kee-lee), on February 3. He is only the sixth birth of his species at the zoo.


Picture off okapi Jabari


New born at Antwerp Zoo
Postdate: 1/3/2014  | Subdivision: Reproduction

On December 27, 2013 a female calf named Oni was born at the Antwerp Zoo.

A milestone as it is the 50th birth at the zoo. Both mother Hakima and Oni are doing well.

Picture of okapi Oni

© foto Sabine Ory

Kamba dies
Postdate: 12/28/2013  | Subdivision: General

Unfortunately on December 19th Kamba died at Dublin Zoo after a short illness.

Picture off okapi Kamba

© foto Rob van Loon

Wroclaw Zoo opens new exhibit
Postdate: 12/20/2013  | Subdivision: General

Recently Wroclaw Zoo received their first two okapi, Maiko and Nkosi, respectably from Franfurt Zoo and Antwerp Zoo.

The project consists of stables, an inside viewing area and paddocks

picture off the okapi project at Wroclaw Zoo